Turn Targeted Messages into Valuable SEO



Because micro-site content is highly targeted, you can use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to pack the site with highly targeted search phrases. A micro-site is a smaller website which is created in addition to your main website. The smaller site concentrates on one or two main keywords and other closely related keywords to those main ones.  This creates valuable keyword density you could never achieve on a general main website. Plus, the specificity of your geo-targeted micro-site means you can capture local search traffic on highly specific keywords, and then link from the micro-site to the main website. One other advantage of these keyword rich sites is they are usually much easier to get ranked locally.

Here are four smart ways to use geo-targeted micro-sites:

1.      Niche marketing: a full-service law firm might create a micro-site targeted at people seeking family, employment, and business immigration matters—e.g.GreenCardHouston.com.

2.      Special offers: the micro-site's URL (web address) can be used in radio or email campaigns advertising a particular limited-time offer. With good SEO, the site can also flag search trafficthat might have never heard the radio ads or received the emails.

3.      Editorial content: a party planning business might create seasonal micro-sites with editorial content (such as tips for hosting Thanksgiving dinner or planning a New Year's celebration). Each micro-site would link back to a specific landing page on the main site, bringing the party planner highlyqualified search traffic. Usually those searchers who have gone through this "sorting" are ready to purchase.

4.      Specific products or services: a restaurant might create a separate geo-targeted micro-site describing its capabilities for catering business meetings. The micro-site could not only go into more detail on this specific service, it could also be richly optimized for search engines with a variety ofrelevant keyword phrases.

There is an important advantage in markets where you face a lot of competition. For example, a color specialist at a salon might face stiff competition for keywords such as "hair salon." With a micro-site, however, the salon could provide editorial content that funneled SEO traffic down to a more specific phrase such as, "color specialist" and even feature the domain name: HairColorSpecialistInTuscon.com. The geo-targeting would take care of the local filtering and the optimized words on the pages would help the micro-site rise in organic search.

In another example, a flooring installation company called Easy Flooring Service wants to attract homeowners specifically for carpet installation. The company develops a micro-site such as "CarpetInstallationBoston.com" that features information about the carpet and installation services they offer. The micro-site's pages are tailored to the needs of prospective buyers and the content on these pages links back to the main Easy Flooring Service website.

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