How to Update Your Tired Local Business Website

How long has it been since you've updated your website? A lot of business owners think that once they have a website, they're done. But these days growing your business means making your website the hub of your entiremarketing strategy. By keeping your site up to date and active, you have a far better chance of capturing the attention of search engines — and customers.


Here are five easy, inexpensive ways to recharge your website.


1.      Create "landing pages" within your website. Instead of trying to describe everything you do for all your different types of customers on your front page, create audience-specific pages within your site. That way, when you decide to run online and print ads aimed at a particular audience, you can feature the "landing page" URL of that page — not a generic home page. This also allows you to laser target specific keywords on these pages, which makes them more likely to rank on the search engine results page.


2.      Post your customer reviews. Before making purchases, people want to hear what other people like them are saying about the product or the customer service of your company. Encourage your customers to review you on your local business directories, or directly on your website. Make sure you post these reviews on your website after you get their permission.


3.      Make new offers that your visitors want. Think about updating your home page with a new relevant offer — a new FREE ebook, a seasonal sale item, a coupon, etc. These new offers should also be mentioned on your business directory listings that accept them, like Google Places,, Kudzu, etc.


4.      Add a video. Videos are especially good for introducing your business, offering a quick tip or demonstrating a product. Many computers have built-in cameras so it's easy to make a basic "talking head" video or a product demonstration video.


5. Add social media links. Create a Facebook page for your business and provide a link to the site on your website's home page. Also consider posting information on how to follow you on Twitter,LinkedIn or other groups to which you belong and contribute. 


Your website is a very important first step on your overall online marketing strategy. It is also the place where you will convince your site visitors to make that call to you. SO, your website pages should be optimized, both for search engines as well as your human visitors. is ready and able to help you create an overall web presence campaign that will not only get your ranked higher on the search engines but lead to more phone calls to your business. Call us at (888) 316-4124.