Discover Local Online Success: Three Smart Ideas to Enhance Your Local Visibility

The more visible you are online, the more opportunities you can find to build your small business. Here are three additional solutions to supercharge your Google search visibility – and drive next-level success. These ideas aren't new, but have a fresh look at them now and you may find all-new opportunities for creating simple, inexpensive changes that can quickly raise your local online visibility.

  1. Leverage local affiliations. Are you a part of the community Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, or Better Business Bureau? Do you participate in a nearby chapter of your trade or professional organization or an alumni association? First off, make sure the names of those organizations are spelled out in text on your web page so the search engines like google can read them. After that, look at including affiliations in the business outline you post on local search directories like Google Places. Lastly, make use of your affiliations to generate those all-important back links by placing a link to your website on their site.
  2. Build your online reputation. Search on the internet to find your personal name and the name of your business. At the very least, you want google search to include a Facebook profile, information from the "ABOUT" page from your website as well as your company listing in online directories. If you don't have an appealing internet reputation, build it! Get yourself listed at LinkedIn or improve your profile if you are already a member – and participate in – a few applicable groups.
  3. Landing pages. Look at the webpages you have on your existing website. Try turning them into keyword-rich landing pages. This will give you a chance to have multiple pages from your site appear in the local search results. For instance, the SERVICES page(s) of your site is a great place to incorporate descriptive words and phrases pertaining to your company. Make sure you add the keyword details in your webpage tags and meta descriptor also.

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Web Presence: Introduction

Web Presence | Website | Keywords | Business

Each company that wants to succeed today must have a web presence. AND, your web presence is a lot more than your website. The components of your web presence are:
  • Your Website
  • Your Blog
  • Your Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Your Online Advertising & Promotional Campaign
  • Your Traffic Generation Methods (Paid & “Free”)
  • Your Company Newsletter
All of these components, taken together, form your web presence. They all work together to support each other. The ultimate goal of your web presence is to generate leads for your business. Your web presence IS your lead generation funnel.
The key to effective internet marketing of your local business is to connect to your preferred audience, or preferred customer. For example, if you are in the legal business, you probably don’t need to connect with an internet user in Sri Lanka that’s looking for someone to help with a divorce proceeding. You will more than likely want to connect with someone within 50 to 100 miles. So, you would target your audience geographically and based on specific keywords. Likewise, if you’re in the Air Conditioning repair business in Alabama, you don’t need to connect with people in Maine. Again, geography and keywords are important.
Your whole web presence should be built around your major keywords. This keyword identification is the first step in any web presence and online marketing campaign. After identification of your major keywords, then you can identify what you want your website name to be, the subject of the site's content, your article subjects for your blog, your topics for your social media posts, and your online advertising keywords. Your selected keywords are woven throughout all of your web presence components.
Using these keywords throughout all of your traffic and lead generation methods makes your site more “relevant” to the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) which in turn sends you more traffic. The relevancy of your sites and their “ranking” also helps you with costs for the paid online advertising. The search engines are looking to provide their clients (those people searching for information) what they are looking for. And, if your site is relevant, then you will be given a higher ranking.
Relevancy is determined by how close a match your content, advertising, and keywords are to what the searcher is looking for. SO, this all has to be coordinated.
Remember, you only need to have a web presence IF you want to succeed. If you don’t care about business success, then don’t worry about any of this. You can now go back to your Farmville site on Facebook. But, IF you want to succeed, come back and visit us for future articles in this series.