Even though Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed over time, it will never go away. With the advent of Social and Web 2.0 properties, there are many more options to take advantage of. However, top listings on the search engines will continue to drive targeted traffic for many years to come. One major change is the advent of local search marketing. This is a process where people look online to shop at local businesses. Mobile phones, GPS devices, and mapping software all take advantage of these local search listings to give great information to your potential customers. We can get you in front of them! You want to be where people are looking. Our SEO is fully integrated with these new technologies and channels and we can take you there.

Our Steps for SEO Marketing

1. Keyword Research

Online Marketing - SEO KeywordsThe beginning of any project requires expert keyword research. Choosing the right keywords is the foundation to the whole online marketing process. You have to find out what your audience is using in the search engine, not what you call your service. We utilize the most advanced tools on the market to analyze keywords that:

  • Have High Commercial Value
  • Are Relevant to the Service Provided
  • Have Good Consistent Traffic
  • Have Acceptable Competition Based on the Value

Once we determine these, we choose the top keywords to focus on which will bring the greatest return on investment.

We not only do research on your existing website, but on the top websites of your competition to see exactly what types, quantity, and quality of backlinks it will take to beat your competition. Once we have completed this research, we have a crystal clear picture of our tactics and strategy. We also know which keywords will convert for you and which ones will actually build your business and bring in profit that will greatly outweigh the cost of the SEO efforts. Next, we need a website to convert this traffic.

2. Build a Great "Authority" Website

Online Marketing - Website AuthorityA great website not only has a focus on looks, but more importantly has the structure that is required to deliver both good content to your patients/clients and to Google. A website with the flexibility of adding content, managing that content and performing internal linking and optimization is the key.

An “Authority” site is one that gives information to the visitor and builds credibility for the website. Google looks at these sites as the cream of the crop…and ranks them as such.

Taking this one step farther is the actual conversion process. We utilize the most advanced tools to build you a funnel to capture these leads once they get to your site. We can set up automated processes that are built to entice your visitors to enter their personal information so you can directly market to them. We watch what links they click on, what videos they watch and we customize responses and marketing based on these activities. This allows us to truly target your patient’s needs and focuses on giving them what they are looking for.

3. On-Page Optimization

Along with a flexible well-built website, there are other online marketing processes that are necessary to help Google understand what you are offering and convince Google that you offer the absolute best quality content for their customers. We mathematically balance your page to what Google is looking for. And, we monitor how Google sees the page and how it performs for site visitors.

4. Add Good Content

A great website has the second foundational building block of good and relevant content. With the latest changes that Google has made, namely the Panda/Farmers update Google has sent a clear message they are interested in unique good content that is both relevant to the keywords used and useful to their users. We have a team of professionals who write this content, fitted for optimizing and ranking high on Google. Our team is able to create unique content each month – content that Google and your audience will love to read.

One of Google’s main requirements for ranking a site high in the search engine results is that the page be “fresh.” This means that there must be some activity on the website on a regular basis – the more the better. A blog post on a regular basis may take care of most of this. We also will add different services, and even edit the “static” pages from time to time.

Magnetic content is designed to supplement rather than replace offline and online advertising. Ideally, the content should engage customers in ways that conventional ads cannot, thereby fostering loyalty and enhancing brand

Our online marketing content is not only written content, we produce videos, eBooks, slide presentations, and images. Each of these has their benefits to not only your customers, but also to the SEO process which can provide an amazing boost.

5. Obtain Strong Backlinks

Backlinks are like "votes" on the Internet. It’s actually very simple when you break it down – the more votes you get, the higher you will rank on the search engines. The difficult and time consuming part is getting the right links, from the right places. Our team uses time tested techniques to get these backlinks which allows us to achieve ranking on the front page of Google.

6. Track Your Progress

Unless you can track your online marketing progress, you never know how well you are doing. We have a host of tools that we use to track a number of metrics. We establish a dedicated local phone number to track all of the calls from the website. Our customers enjoy knowing which keywords are producing the greatest number of sales. Tracking your ROI enables not only our team to make calculated decisions, but also your business team to also make calculated moves into different markets and launch you into new areas of business.

If you like what you have seen here, we would enjoy continuing this conversation with you in person to see how your practice could benefit with top placement in the search engines. We look forward to speaking with you.

Recent Statistics:

82% of visitors click on at least one of the top three organic listings in the search engines. This falls off to about 4% for listings 4-9, but surprisingly the #10 link has 6.5% of the total

In 2012, small businesses (1 to 5 employees) plan to spend 43% of their lead generation budgets on inbound marketing (SEO, Social Media, & Blogs)HubSpot

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound sourced leads have a 1.7% close rate.HubSpot

“…professional services & consulting [businesses] found blogging was highly effective…those industries had over 50% of respondents indicating customer acquisitions through their blog.”HubSpot

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