Use Multiple Keywords to Multiply Local Search Success


It can be difficult to settle on one keyword phrase—and pin your entire search marketing program on its success. It's especially tough if you offer a variety of different products or services. A single keyword term may not deliver the full potential of Internet search marketing. But how do you find the right keyword phrases? And how do you use them all—without spending a fortune on a pay-per-click campaign? Here are few of our suggestions:

1.How to find the best keywords: Start by looking at the products and services you offer. Next, look at what keywords are already driving natural search engine traffic to your site. Your website analytics should show you what search terms are being used. Zero in on your top terms and then add the all-important local component.

2.How to plan your search strategy: Once you've identified your set of keyword phrases, optimize your website's home page for those phrases. Ideally, you could create landing pages for each phrase. Each landing page can then be optimized for one of the specific search terms so that searchers can click directly to a description of the related product or service.

3.How to make everything easier: will help your business get found by potential customers by increasing your web visibility. We do this by using a coordinated online marketing campaign, designed specifically for your local business.  Call [number] and find out how easy it is to get more customers and beat your competition. 

The more ways you can give people to find you, the more chances you have to convert searchers into customers. That's why incorporating multiple keyword phrases into your search strategy can make such a difference.