Sale, Sail, or Sell? Which is Correct?


Who is doing your online advertising? Is it your brother’s smart high school kid, your daughter, or somebody “in the business” who doesn’t know how to use basic grammar they learned in high school?

This guy is actually in the business and is advertising through LinkedIn that he’s in the “Marketing and Advertising Industry” AND that he specializes in Creative Ad Copy. I guess “sale” is the creative way to spell “sell” now days.  If you’re like me (and I hope you’re not) these kind of grammatical errors bug you to death. Of course, sometimes it’s not this important. We’ve all heard of mis-worded ads or billboard signs. This happens every day. My point is, you don’t want this from someone who SPECIALIZES in “Creative Ad Copy, Online and Offline marketing for companies that need leads generated to [sale] specific product and services.” (By the way, shouldn’t products be plural here?)

I hope you get the point here. Make sure you know who is doing your online advertising, and by all means, check out some of their work and their personal social media sites. Choose a professional, and make sure they can spell professional.

(For John’s information, you have a sale, you sell products, you never sail products, unless you sell sailboats. “She sells sea shells by the sea shore.”)