Google Increases Their Dominance of Searches

Google sites increased their lead over the other search engine choices in the marketplace. comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, released their January 2013 U.S. Search Engine Rankings. Google gained 0.3% to claim 67% of the search engine searches. Microsoft trails WAY behind with 16.5% and Yahoo with 12.1%. Technically Yahoo and Bing are both driven by the Bing search engine but stats are apparently still kept separate.

Overall there were approximately 19.5 Billion searches conducted in January, which was an overall increase of 11%. Google captured 13.1 Billion of those searches, also up 11% from December 2012.

Worldwide Google is still the hands down winner with 65.2% of the searches in the World in December 2012. The Chinese Baidu search engine comes in second with only 8.2%. The rest are Yahoo (4.9%), India’s Yandex (2.8%), Microsoft (2.5%), and Other at 16.3% total. The news here is that Yandex jumped ahead of Microsoft for the first time.

If you only count UNIQUE searchers then Google leads the World by a whopping 76.6% of the searches.

Now, what does all of that mean, other than proving to you that I’m impressed by stats? It means that, as I say regularly, we optimize for Google and let everyone else find us naturally. No reason to waste too much time on the also ran unless you’re just having trouble finding something to do to get you out of those weekend chores.

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