5 Reasons Why You May Prefer Dedicated Website Hosting for Your Business

When it comes to hosting your company website, you only have two options – a shared server or a dedicated one. Both plans have advantages and disadvantages, so you'll want to understand what each one is and how they work differently before making your decision. 

A server is simply a place where you can store your data. Think of it like a 'home' for your website. Just like you put your personal belongings in your house, your server lets you keep your website belongings with them. Let’s look further at how dedicated website hosting can be a good option.

Some businesses opt for a shared server. This is like renting a room at a hotel. You know others are nearby, but you still have your own private room – or in this case, your website. A dedicated server is one that you rent and only you use. 

Renting a dedicated server is like renting the entire hotel. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Do I need to rent just a room or the entire hotel?” Below are five reasons why you might want to choose a dedicated server. 

First, a dedicated server allows you to have security. With a shared host, if someone else installs a malicious script by accident, the hosting company might have to shut down some or all of the server until the script is found and removed. But if you're on a dedicated server, you don't have to worry about someone else installing a bad script because you have the final say over who has access to your server. 

Second, a dedicated server often allows your customers to view your website easier. If you're sharing a server with others and someone installs software that causes the server to run slowly, then you may see high bounce rates. By having a dedicated server, you can control which software is installed and decrease your bounce rate.  

A third reason you might want dedicated website hosting for your business is the total control it allows you to have. Since shared hosts involve others, you might be restricted in what you can do with your website. For the good of everyone, hosting companies often have to put limits on your account. 

For instance, you may only be allowed to install a certain number of scripts or you might have to send in a request in order to use PHP (a coding language that is commonly used to build online software). With your own dedicated server, you can do what you want on your website without hosting restrictions. 

The fourth reason you might want a dedicated server is the ability to fully customize your hosting plan. You can choose the RAM, the operating system and more to create an environment that is perfect for hosting your website. 

The fifth reason to use dedicated website hosting server is that they are great for companies running web applications. If you launch an application that becomes the next big thing or your web application suddenly sees millions of users daily, you'll need the space that a dedicated server allows you.