To find out about Search Engine Optimization for your practice, please click on the following video (less than 5 minutes) for a review of Local Online Marketing for Dental Implants. This video may explain why your phone isn't ringing and what you need to do. We can and will help you get your phone ringing with more and better patients. (Video will open in a new window.)

Local Online Marketing for Dental Implants: Google Overview



As I said in the video, the first step is identifying the keywords that your practice needs to be found for. This is Keyword Research. For Dental Implants, for example, some of those keywords are:

  • dental implants
  • dental implant dentist
  • dental implants {city} {state}
  • {city} {state} dental implants

If you want to check out the Google Adwords Keyword Tool for yourself, Click Here:

The next step is to do the work it takes to get the site ranked on the front page, called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Again, call Keith or Dr. Guthrie TODAY at (334) 826-6677 for a FREE analysis of how you're doing on the Search Engines in your local area.  If you're knocking it out of the park, congratulations. If you're NOT EVEN IN THE BALLPARK (on the Front Page of Google), we'll let you know how to get started on the most successful local online marketing you can do for your Dental practice.